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International Women’s Day: Be The Woman

The 8th of March is a very special day. It’s when we celebrate all the bold, strong, vigorous, dynamic and fearless women in the world and in our lives. There is such a woman in everyone’s life: it’s either your ballsy momma, your kind grandma, your gracious significant other or you, the woman who deserves the world. So come and celebrate the powerful female unity with eyerim.

Eyewear is more powerful than you might think! It is an underrated accessory in the fashion world. But it is truly the best! It can make you feel confident, extraordinary, mysterious or simply crazy attractive in just one moment. All the women at eyerim united for you this past month to choose the absolute gems of glasses in our collection, so you can feel the indisputable power of our favourite accessory.

Cat-eye eyewear

International Women's Day 2019: Be the Woman Cat Eye Glasses

Elegant, timeless, perfect for every femme fatale. Cat-eye glasses are ideal if you want to turn heads everywhere you go. Great for a round, oval or heart-shaped face.

Tiny eyewear

International Women's Day 2019: Be the Woman Tiny Glasses

Tiny glasses are the hottest thing on the streets right now. Rock this iconic shape to be the trendiest gal in town, just like all the models and movie stars. Perfect for round and oval faces.

Rimless eyewear

International Women's Day 2019: Be the Woman Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses are eternal: whatever outfit you wear them with, you will never go wrong. Futuristic yet tasteful, these glasses are a risk you want to take. Great for a round or heart-shaped face.

Oversized eyewear

International Women's Day 2019: Be the Woman Oversized Glasses

Add an air of mystery to your demeanour, just like the eternally graceful Jackie O in the 50s and 60s. Round, oval and heart-shaped faces will be perfectly complemented with oversize frames.

Oh and if you’re feeling quite unsure what type of face-shape you or your beloved woman have, check out this General Face-shape Guide. It’s a bomb.

Well, there’s that. We all know women are capable of absolutely anything - they’re strong and proficient, smart and thoughtful, stubborn but kind. And International Women’s Day is the best time to remind them of that! Tell them all how you appreciate them, how amazing they are. We know we will.


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