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Trending sunglasses 2019

Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses are one of the hottest trends right now.
Wear them for sport or make a bold decision and wear elegant shield sunglasses with your everyday outfit. Not everyone can rock the space-age look, but when it works, it WORKS.

Perfect for square and oval faces.

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Flat-top Sunglasses

You heard it here first: this summer, flat-top sunglasses are the main event. All of you bold, edgy people wanting to make a statement, get on board! They’re classic and modern at the same time, and once you try them on, you will want to wear them every single day.

Perfect for round, square and oval faces.

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Tiny Sunglasses

Tiny glasses are the hottest thing on the streets right now. Rock this iconic shape to be the trendiest gal in town, just like all the models and movie stars. If you love keeping up with trends and rocking bold streetwear, this is the shape for you.

Perfect for round and oval faces.

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Cat-eye Sunglasses

A killer pair of cat-eye sunglasses should be a staple in every femme fatale’s wardrobe. Wear them to instantly upgrade your look from classic to unbelievably elegant and sexy. Go retro with a look directly inspired by the 50s and 60s (when these sunglasses first came on the scene) or give it a modern twist.

Perfect for round, oval and heart shaped faces.

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